A 1973 twin turbo Camaro putting down around 1500hp and capable of running high 7’s that I had the privilege of checking out and riding around in while I was in Sao Paulo Brazil. I wasn’t expecting to run into a car of such caliber and built to be streetable while overseas, especially when 95% of the cars you see on the street have less than 100hp!


  1. I would love to drive a car like that, but I wouldn't know the first thing about it's engine. 🙁

  2. Brazil… So how long before some thugs kill him for it?

  3. Why would they show a prius commercial before this?…

  4. tremendo carro solo para andar regulando por la city y que te miren todos ja

  5. damn dath nose like potato

  6. brasil é foda hahaha aki é cheio de nave!!!

  7. 1500hp car n no where to go on busy roads…………..FAIL

  8. My favourite car of all time. Beautiful 😉

  9. This is a beauty!!

  10. Nice, but that is way too loud. Couldn't even listen to music in the car or have a conversation with a passenger. 

  11. perfect car for the perfect place !

  12. They need to do that in Canada and USA, charge 50% tax to import stuff.  It would create so many jobs its not even funny. China would go out of business. 

  13. Great car, seemed like a nice guys also.

  14. I am surprised you still have your camera after the footage at night in a sao paulo street

  15. Beautiful car … i working in Brazil … my car is Fiat Palio Turbo.

  16. Brazil is overseas???? Omg, you must be the stupidest fuck I have ever seen.

  17. how was living in brazil? im kinda curious

  18. Um brasileiro com bala na agulha..

  19. This thing is a beast. I can just imagine you probably run around town in first gear at an idle with your foot on the break and still doing 40mph.  lol 

  20. And still on track it's 10 times slower than 425hp M3.

  21. Nice car, too bad they didn't take it to an open road and let those horses run.

  22. love the cam on the motor. kick ass!!

  23. Se ele não tomar cuidado, não demora ele ser Assaltado! :3

  24. and still you cant drive

  25. He doesnt keep the car in that parking garage, does he? dosent seem very safe.

  26. minha noss senhora que nariz é esse?  what a noooooooose!! huahuauhauha

  27. What the hell is that thing on his nose?

  28. Пиздец. Рашка № 2 с такими пошлинами. В руководстве – патриоты, население нищее

  29. no Brasil fala portugues caralho!

  30. Está de parabéns!!!!
    Linda máquina!!!!!

  31. let me understand, if the bugatti has a 1000 Hp, that car runing more faster than bugatti?

  32. what a nose guy!!!!!!! k kkkk

  33. I'm brazilian and Brazil is a jungle!!!! Don't go there

  34. What does HP determine?

  35. Ladrão nenhum sabe andar com esse carro

  36. moço que doido liga pros comentários contra não vc e um apaixonado por carro fera cuidar de segurança publica crianças matando com arma do pai fome e outras mazelas mais não e culpa sua.

  37. import tax in here 70% with full tax!!!!

  38. Caramba que carro! Parabéns pela máquina !

  39. watch this with subtitles

  40. Nossa falou os americanos que em pleno século 21 negros são mortos pela policia, americanos não pode se achar em absolutamente em nada, até o Canadá e a Austrália são bem melhores do que os Estados Unidos. O Brasil não é o melhor do mundo e nem o Estados Unidos é. Mania feia de brasileiro de achar que os americanos são os melhores baseados por e pela mídia Norte Americana.

  41. Esse ai é o contrario: 12L/KM

  42. that is beutifull

  43. I did not know that here in São Paulo had a car like that!

    Too bad you can not enjoy it, here the average in the city is somewhere around 35 / 40mph 🙁

  44. The factory of Master Power Turbo is in my city, São Marcos – RS, crazy shit!!

  45. Se fosse no RJ então. Hell de janeiro. Todos mortos

  46. Brazilian Accent is da best


  48. Where is the new videos from Brazil? I want to see here on your channel about Velopark and Tarumã!!
    #Fueltech #Brazilstreetrace

  49. Would love to know if he still has it now and whats changed about it

  50. The amount of effort it takes to get this car out of the garage, this man deserves every second of this car!

  51. Only ride this beast in roads with a gas station every 5 km.

  52. I like your drag race car

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