In this video, we journey back to the automotive world of the 1960’s. We take a look at what the Ford Motor company was offering if someone wanted to buy an incredibly special, factory built car that was ready to take to a drag strip or a stock car track to race and also happened to be completely street legal.
Did Ford actually make such unicorn cars that the general public could buy? Yes, but with a caveat; The cars were mostly limited in production numbers and were considered experimental or homologation compliant cars. Simply put; Homologation cars were cars that the manufacturer was required to build in limited quantities and sell to the public that represented the version of the car that would compete in a racing event or series.
Buckle up and hang on while put the hammer down and roar into the 1960’s for this review of the street legal race cars that Ford was offering if you were lucky enough to get one.


  1. I'm sure the Little old lady from Pasadena would shut em down in her shiny red super stock Dodge 😆

  2. Time for Ford to Bring them back……No Chips needed 🤟🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  3. When I was in high school, the owner of a local gas station bought a white, no nonsense 1965 Chevrolet Biscayne. It had a 427 emblem up by the headlights. I didn't quite understand why the mismatch until a short time later when I bought a red 1966 Mustang with a 289 emblem. Those were the days!

  4. What a video!!! Love it saludos!

  5. We had a 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 XL, with factory air conditioning!

    Beautiful car with bucket seats. 390
    4V carburetor.

    As I remember that was the coldest air conditioner I can remember. It would freeze your balls off in July!

  6. “Now look, boy! I know a race car when I see one.”

  7. I remember going to check out the Boss 429 while stationed at Ft Knox at a Louisville dealer showroom. Awesome car. Looking at the invoice for the car it was interesting to see that 4 gallons of gas was charged at $1.33. GOOD TIMES and I remember it well.

  8. Narrator sounds suspiciously like awaken with JP!

  9. My dad's cousin had one of the left hand drive street legal GT40s. I think he paid about 26k for new and sold it because he got to fat to drive it.


  11. Oh the memories! My dads' Ford/ Lincoln dealership in Hinsdale (ILL), "Hinsdale Ford" (formerly Jack Loftus Ford), campaigned a couple FX Fairlane's and we also had the only Cobra Franchise in ILL/Wisc/Indiana and raced several AC Cobra's (a road racing 350HP 289V8, two Drag Racing 427V8 AC Cobras and a "Cooper Ford" 289V8 in IMSA road racing.

  12. Those were the days! Good info, great video.

  13. Ford Lightweights always referred to Fords in general no matter how many pounds they weighed.

  14. It's funny, ford put the 2 air intakes in the front grill in 64 and dodge recintly did the same thing for their challenger and made it sound it was a new idea of theirs, but it was fords..

  15. they always been ufos since the first car was built something from another world invented that thing.

  16. I'll stick with my Prius said Absolutely nobody on this page…. 🙂

  17. My father had a 66 Fairlane. I thought it was one of the ugliest cars Ford ever designed.

  18. Try to imagine $.027 cent 100 octane, oh hell naw we cain't do it!

  19. I did enjoy that… thanks 🏁

  20. My Papa had a 64 thunderbolt that my grandmother would take my aunt's to school in and said she scared the shit out of them lol. They sold it when my dad was born, wish it was still around!

  21. Cool video, what I wouldn't give to go back in time to the 60's

  22. Those darn shock towers 🙁

  23. Picked up a '68 mustang for $6000 sight unseen. Car was said to be stored since 1983 in lower level of a barn. It was more like a fluit cellar. It was a '68 mustang. But, it was a Mach 1 w/428 4sd. Luck

  24. That red Boss 429 Mustang tho…

  25. Yes sir buddy! Love any and all discussed in this one. Thanks

  26. 4:32 As a teenager I remember a neighbor two blocks over with this one. 427 Fairlane 500 factory drag pack in Grand Prairie Texas. Had lexan windows and a roll bar. I remember the headers glowing orange from the ridiculous medium riser heads while he set the timing advance at 2500 rpm in the driveway. A fire breathing dragon..was easily 500 hp.

  27. I was so lucky to be a teenager in the 1970's, when one could still get entire classic Mustangs out of junkyards to restore. At one time, I owned a 1967 Convertible Mustang, a 1967 Falcon Sports Coupe and a 1965 Mustang notchback with straight 6 200 and a C-4 automatic. I found a 1966 Mustang for my Dad for $300.00 that just needed replacement linkage and a custom L bracket (that he designed) to use the 170 column shift Falcon tranny . Finally sold my completely restored 1963 144 CI Falcon Tudor Sedan, as it was just too slow for Austin traffic, had no AC, no PB, no power anything! Ford used to make really fun and inexpensive cars, but that stopped LONG ago-John in Texas

  28. Don't take away our gasoline engines!

  29. Just came across this channel and it didn't seem strange, I know this voice from somewhere, are you OCM? or is my mind playing tricks on me? 🙂
    Anyways, I liked the channel, just subbed.

  30. Great footage ! This is when ford actually made decent cars!!!

  31. My parents traded Thunderbolt for a set of bunk beds,because they had kids that needed to go night night,and gasoline was getting too expensive.

  32. Dad had a 63.5 Galaxy Thing was unreal fast Had a Holly 6 pack on top. I remember it would press you into the seat on launch.

  33. Love the Thunderbolt, such a cool looking sled.

  34. I was about 3 in 1966, and I remember my mother driving a 1960 Galaxie. I have an affection for those cars. However, there were no car seats back then. She had to stop fast, and she told me that I somersaulted on to the front seat carpet.

  35. in 2022 can get an 800 H.P. Challenger from the factory. And create nostalgia for 2070

  36. 125 in the 1/4 mile in a lightened compact doesn't take 650 hp, my 69 440 Dart 3150# race ready ran over 132 with 600 hp.

  37. In 1989 I had the chance to buy a 1966 Fairlane GT500 without a motor. It was located in a trucking company across the street from Moon Eyes in Santa Fe Springs Ca. What made the car unique it was the 1974 NHRA West Coat Champion and had all the race & sponsor stickers still on it (poor car was rotting away outside uncovered). The guy wanted $7000 and I thought he was out of his mind since it had no motor. I now realize I was looking at one only 57 cars built like that. . .If I could only go back in time

  38. We had a 1966 LTD which was a luxury Galaxy 500. 428 engine. Fast too. My dad put on 100k miles in only 3 years and got $400 credit as a trade-in on a 1970 Chevy long bed with a 6 banger 3 on a tree.

  39. My buddy has a 69 Ford Mustang "Drag Pack".
    It is insane, low gears, 428 race engine.
    Super rare and and super awesome.

  40. In 1970 my Pop bought my mother a used car to replace her volkswagon squareback. The replacement car was a 1969 GTO Judge. She made him take it back and exchange it for a 1970 Nova with a 307…

  41. In the 60s almost every dealer wanted to be involved in racing. I remember the cars on the lot with full factory specs, then they would sell them off after a season or so. Some real sleepers like the Dodges with bench from seats.

  42. Love that thumbnail! 👊🏻 😍

  43. Thunderbolt for the win.

  44. 6:51 no wonder John Wick was pissed they stole his..

  45. I had a 66 galaxie500xL. Big block 352. Loved that car. Though the 64 was my fav.

  46. Years ago (around '80, I believe), I saw a '69 or '70 (can't remember which) Boss 429 parked in front of a convenience store in downtown Lee's Summit, MO. Dark green in color, I think Ford called the color 'Black Jade'. Naturally I started asking about the car to the guy working there and it turned out to be his. I begged him to pop the hood for me, and as it was late at night with no one to wait on, he unlocked the chains he used to secure the hood (!!) and I got to look and touch that amazing powerplant. Never forgot that, & always wondered if he managed to keep the car through all these years.

  47. 69 galaxie 500. 390. Little monsters.

  48. HolyWOW!! This just brought me RIGHT back to this barely legal story, you see I remember this one time I was out with this nice girl and we had taken that old KemoSabe trail up to Horsheweitz pass to check out the air brigade defence machine setting up their advanced airwac sqwuack comptroller in the valley but I started to get some vibration in the motor mounts on my old beater hotrod on account of I had just cut on the Roots blower from a GreyHound bus to my aircooled helicopter Tucker engine in the back of car #52 off the line. MAN, it was abadass ride lifting the front wheels at least half track running 9's in the quarter cuz of all the weight transfer and my chick would ride in the back to help settle the torque steer on account she was a bigger gal and fit squarely in that chopped off tub behind the rails of the Tucker chassis where she could just hang on and straddle the plumbing tube roll cage bars.

    Luckily, no one was injured… except the day that gal broke my heart. /wTMFR/w

  49. i drove one of these cars once. i didn't like it

  50. I'm a euro car guy, but even I can appreciate the incredibly wild and even more incredibly rare versions of these cars. I was born in '61 so some of these cars were on the road brand new or nearly brand new when I was a kid. I had no idea nor could I have appreciated them for what they were. Thanks so much for this highly informative and very well done video.

    Side note: my grandfather bought a mid 1960s 454 Buick Wildcat brand new to pull his 32 ft Airstream trailer after the Cadillac dealer told him it was straining his Caddy too much. I didn't realize how insanely fast and powerful that car was until my dad borrowed it one day and took me for a "spirited" drive in it. Good times.

  51. I swear the US car industry purposely drops the ball when it comes to coming up with something affordable and fun almost every time

    "Hey, can my generation have the equivalent of the (insert cheap 60s-90s muscle/sport)?"

    "Here at megacorp we listen to the community and value your opinions, I'm definitely happy to give you another overpriced EV crossover/anemic hatchback under the same name as our classics"


  52. Ah yes the 60's. When during the "gas wars" you could gas up for 25 cents or less per gallon.

  53. Look at this gorgeous ford in black heels. Great thumbnail!

  54. That guy at the gas tank that Randy's father from TrailerPark Boys

  55. 7:10 That's one badass looking car…

  56. Special mention to the 427 Cammer engine which was available to order over the counter from 1965-67 I think. At 616 hp and 657 hp in either 1 o.r 2 4bbl config, it was banned by NASCAR and feared by GM and Chrysler and these are true unicorns. In 10/2021, a crate engine alone sold for $60,000

  57. Here's a interesting little memory of mine. When I was in the Navy in San Diego in the 70's I used to drive a Boss 429 around. It was everything they say it was but mostly really fast. The funny thing is, I don't remember whose is was or why I had access to it. Don't drink and do drugs kids…

  58. Yeah, "manufacturing difficulties", because of the large shock towers which don't allow much room for free flowing exhaust with big blocks.

  59. The Ford Rivalries Against The Fellow American Manufacturer Chevrolet at the Trans-Am Series

  60. What is the car in the thumbnail?

  61. I miss homologation… nowadays most modern race cars look more like spaceships, and nothing like standard roadgoing versions

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