1. We had a fundraiser for the Gulf water clean water supply at Essentials Day spa and salon and decided to ride through town in the Camaro for some Cherry Lime aid.

  2. Can't believe you were able to drive by those gas stations…..lol!!!!

  3. Sick, thanks for sharing !

  4. not exactly a sleeper

  5. ya should have taken it through the drive thru lane.. ide love to see the reactions.. damnit i wanna drive a drag car through town! : (

  6. Im surprised you did not suck in that mini van into your intakes

  7. It;s just idling and doing like 40, lol. What state is this possibly street legal in? I can't imagine getting away with that in CA.

  8. Typical all show no go, never once even cracked it..should buy a prius

  9. Makes more horsepower idling than most cars do hitting the red line. 

  10. Must have a small Cock needs to drive that around town for attention LOL

  11. For all those comments saying he should have opened up the motor more. If he did he would go 100+ mph just at half throttle

  12. I can watch this every day !!!!!! Awesome

  13. that ur grandma driving?

  14. Roll up in that to a Prius meet.

  15. 😎 What is the M.P.G. on 2500 H.P. ?

  16. AWESOME.  Use to have a 498 Olds DRCE 12-71.   It was fun to drive around town.  Did the exact same thing.   NO replacement for displacement. 

  17. at 1:08 it sounds like a bobcat

  18. Dude i remember this day I followed u down toward hwy 111
    Awsome ride man

  19. Thanks for wasting 4.31 minutes of my life….

  20. Really like that sound of pure power just waiting to explode.    Righteous ride!  :o)

  21. Look at that rats nest hanging out of the hood….

    Have you ever heard of stainless tubing and a bender, or are you really just that lazy?

  22. What's the fucking big deal????

  23. 1:09 sounds like a raging tiger you know

  24. Bet it has amazing gas mileage, What like 3 miles to the gallon. Lol

  25. 2500 horse power an not push the gas????????WTF

  26. Guy in the minivan, man i fell like a bitch!

  27. +HoweMotorsports Any chance I could call you and pick your brain. I have a 69 Fastback Mustang, Big Block, 8-71, and a Big and Ugly injector hat. I have mocked it up to check for distributor clearances and took pics, I then pulled the motor, and took it all apart. I'd really like to ask you some questions, I'd like to cruise mine on the streets like this as well, car shows, car cruises, and the occasional sonic trip. Your car sounded badass BTW.

    Link to my old and new pics… Big Blower pics are new.

  28. ANOTHER highly inflated hp figure. Notice how they are always a nice round figure like say 2500 or 2500 or maybe 2500? Never 842.6hp that it actually might make AT the spark plugs. Running that RV cam it makes 917.4hp now. I'm cool I can spout off numbers that mean zero to humans.

  29. Forgot to add, ANOTHER fraudulently titled video. We never went to Sonic or to grandma's house either. We drove our highly illegal mess of an automobile on public streets where our children play. Thank you!!

  30. Zero to lunch in 2.7 seconds

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