1. nicest car on youtube… beautiful, my future car man nicely done

  2. Right on, glad you enjoy the car and vids. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Please put up more videos of this sexy beast being driven !!

  4. @MrHuddo Sure thing, we just gotta take the car out more often.

  5. Would love to have my 5 minuets of life back now. 7 Second street car?
    Never hit 2k on the tach…no run,no engine shot..just a chicken run. Thanks for the dumb post.

  6. @PrinceofPeace9957 Thanks for checking out our video. I sincerely apologize for wasting your time. If you would like to see more of the car, please see other videos on my channel that show it on the dyno in Honolulu, Hawaii and a 7 second pass on the island of Maui. Those video shows the engine. Aloha!

  7. Gourgeous ZEEEEEEEEEEE!!

  8. Thank you for taking the time to look at our video. I appreciate your feedback and will keep it in mind when I make the next video. I wanted to mix in some background music to spruce up the video a bit, however I understand it can be overwhelming for some viewers. Thank you again and Aloha!

  9. would have loved to hear the car, but there is a really lousy band playing all the time…very frustrating to have vids like this ruined because someone thinks they need to spice up the track…

  10. @silversurfer427 Thank you for your comment Silversurfer427. I apologize for the frustrating video and will take your feedback into consideration when making the next video. If you wish to hear the car, please view the other videos of the car under full power on the dynno and down the quarter mile. Mahalo.

  11. Neat car, but music in ANY video other than a music video is hideous. Especially annoying when I'm trying to hear the motor!

  12. hey man dont worry about all the dumb fucks commenting on your video. you have one awesome car and that all that matters. fuck all the haters they are just salty that they dont have a seven sec car

  13. 7 sec lol my moped runs 7s to lol lol

  14. Thank you for your comment dGFUNK47shit. I'm sorry that you feel that way about other videos. I hope you have better luck finding videos that are to your liking. Mahalo for taking the time to view my channel and Aloha!

  15. Thank you tom worral for your support. I truly appreciate your comment. Mahalo and Aloha!

  16. Was this David Yamada's car before?

  17. Wow bra,7.55 and counting!

  18. Bro,check out the other videos,7.60,7.55.Look for RTR camaro!

  19. RTRcamaro 7.60,7.55.

  20. damn that is one sick camaro. thanks for putting up the video.

  21. the music sucks ass…. Nice car though….

  22. Put some shoes on…

  23. Less music more motor

  24. This is Hawaii! We wear slippahs!

  25. want me to put peanut butter cups on your eggs??

  26. Awesome car. Driveable in flip-flops no less! And how many 7 second cars have windshield wipers???? Hahaha I love it

  27. engine..not music..

  28. bad ass nuff said.

  29. Love the music and the car. Funny how YOUR the one with the 7 sec car and 30,000+ views, but they pick on your music choice lol. you sir were nice enough to even put up this video. Thanks.

  30. White Rock music was before your crap. You saying that being first ain't best??? okay enjoy your second rate stuff and be jealous.

  31. snail 🙁 drive like Vin Diesel please 🙁

  32. f-ing wicked bro, is that hawaii?

  33. i asked to early in the video haha i knew it when i saw those mountains haha

  34. Can I have your car please? :p

  35. beautiful is this car forsale

  36. What is this song? Btw sick car!

  37. Sorry for the late reply. Yes this is in Hawaii on the island of Oahu.

  38. Thank you for the comment. Sorry, car is not for sale.

  39. Thank you for your support. Aloha!

  40. Thank you for the compliment. The song is actually not what everyone thinks. It is called Lost Reason by Abingdon Boys School.

  41. Lost Reason by Abingdon Boys School

  42. Give me that car! lol! Thats so dope.. Man!!!

  43. this looks like Hawaii. Either the North shore or Kailua

  44. Hi Johnny,
    Yes this is in Hawaii on Oahu in Wahiawa area.

  45. Thank you for the support! Aloha!

  46. Hi Sucker Punch. Thank you for taking the time to view our video. I updated the description of the video with links to our 7.60 and 7.55 pass.

  47. my roots are from there. But im born in germany and live in frankfurt 🙂

  48. Sweet Camero, love that classic prostock look. Black and chrome cant go wrong. Nice to see cars like that in the paradise that is Hawaii 🙂 Aloha brother !

  49. How about mid 7's? With a smallblock too!

  50. Probably.Oahu's racetrack(Hawaii Raceway Park closed in 2006,but there's one each on Maui,Big Island and Kauai.

  51. Was wondering if you guys go to Cruise Nights.
    My friend folks(I use to go to HRP) sold race cars and bougt/built street rods.
    Now they go every month to shoot the Bull Sh*t / drink all night just like at the track.
    They all drive automatics now days… getting old but still love the thump of a mean bowtie motor. For years my friends want me to check them out but Saturdays are bad for me…. take parents out every Saturday for dinner and cocktails. I don't let them drive, not worth the risk.

  52. You probably bought it like that

  53. Nice car! It's a shame though… All of that power with nowhere to go.

  54. Beautiful and fast car!.  Great job! 

  55. if yer gonna post a video of a hot rod, at least let the fucker breath a bit. this was a waste of time.

  56. I came to hear some muscle. All I got was shitty music…

  57. beautiful car…i wished it was on Kauai!!

  58. This is Hawaii. I live on the North Shore of Oahu, where is the video filmed at? It looks like you in Wahiawa. That's a beautiful ride braddah.

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