The Rules.

  • Submit your Pass Video

    This has to be on a quarter mile track with clear video of the timing board. (entry's will be rejected if the video is not clear).

  • Submit your street driving video

    Prove your car drives on the road, highway or visible public road.

  • Post your time slip

    Post your YouTube url to your pass video, make sure it has a clear view of the timing board.

  • All Entry's are checked before entered.

    Your entry will be pending review up on entry and also after each edit.


This site was built and is run by the OG. The Worlds fastest Street Car List was started back in 2013 on Facebook by Jay Davies the video guy from the Red Victor Team.

The site is now fully operational and the realisation of an idea in 2010.

While filming the RV3 World Fastest Street Legal Car ¼ mile Records. Facebook became the place to post new word records with video evidence and tickets.

While the guys at the top of the list got some recognition and coverage, the rest of the cars out there was a mystery. As a fan of all types of street cars I wanted to create a list of the TOP 100 to see all the best cars out there. And the list was born. Back in the day when things could go viral on Facebook, the list grew to 16k followers and the list grew to fill the 100 places.

Due to my time being needed elsewhere I had to shelve the list. The site was started in 2010 but shelved but not forgotten. Now the list is back. Badder than ever.

I spent a few years learning to build websites and got some time to finally finish the OG site.

Now drivers can enter the list via our website street legal .pro and have full control over their car profile pages.

Any help or question please contact me here