For a logical, mechanical minded person, the lack of common sense literally flaunted by the EV and alternative fuel crowds is just simply astounding. Their ideas may work in the metaverse, but we don’t drive NFTs.
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  1. ok dirty tesla a you tube channel he tested 2 tesla's at a temperature 10 to 20 degrees colder than the Virgina traffic jam. he ran a resistance heater in 1 car and a heat pump in to he other . both cars we90% charged and batteries cold (less efficient) he set the temperatures to 70 degrees and turned on 3 seat heaters in each car . end result 60 hours in the heat pump car and 50 hours in the resistance heater car . at 24 hours the batteries were near50% so again I feel your anti electric s personal bias .

  2. I watch a lot of car shows & one I like is Jay Leno's Garage. There are 2 cars he showed that are Steam Cars that both run a small petrol (gas), I'm Aussie, engine to heat the water that runs the main engine. I don't know if this helps but maybe check them out. the cars I saw were a 1909 White Model M & a 1925 Dobel E-20. Jay talked about other cars similar but I haven't seen these one's yet. I believe these older technologies may be the way of the future too. I'm not a Mechanic or an Engineer but I know a little about engines & this seems like a good place to start again considering it's been nearly 100 years since it was used mainstream. Anyway cheers Uncle Tony. I like your channel.

  3. Yer ol' bud Scotty could give you advice on the schwag you get. 😉

  4. EV's will always be the car of the future.

  5. Don't let the dummies get you all worked up brother you know better

  6. Stupid knows no bounds. They are working on killing off 3/4 of the population as Brandon and company "builds back better." for a Green New World. Wright R 3350 "Turbo-Compound" used a turbo to put power back into the engine for fuel efficiency. Rummer has it, it is otherwise known as the parts regeneration system because it worked so well. Negative overlap would mean both valves were closed at TDC, in his case for 14 degrees of rotation.

  7. Speaking of reality………….Global warming is real……its being driven by the burning of fossil fuels…..and at some point fossil fuels will run out…

  8. Unreasonable people cannot be reasoned with. L-G,*B. Thank you for all the cool shit😎

  9. I suspect the public schools are making a new crop of green energy zealots every year.

  10. Evs 🙄🙄 Oh no my family member or close one is in trouble /danger or there is an emergency I need to leave right now !!… (Oh shit my car is on 2% battery 🔋 … 🙄) .. my personal opinion they are shit they are not practical and I hate THEM !! We don't need them and 98% of us don't want them 😂 ,and I think if they are worried about fuel running out and emissions, sort the cargo ships out first our tiny cars are like ANTS in comparison not making a dent compared to those guzzling things.. Absolute b.s.. and Good point on the traffic jams Tony !!

  11. Tony you can’t fix stupid

  12. The steam engine would be so heavy and unstable because 1 gallon of water is 10000 lbs of steam a single pin hole and some idiot would stick there hand in and cut off there fingers or hand not the safest thing also hit one and the explosion would wipe out about a block yes I ran boilers have my license

  13. I work on a coal powered electric plant on the Mississippi river…that sucker can't run hard enough to supply all these earth lovers electric shit.. electric cars are coal powered cars

  14. We don’t buy gasoline at our apartments. Why insist we charge at apartments? Electricity is everywhere. We can charge at home, apartments, work, shopping, getting coffee and at charging stations. We can’t buy gasoline at those places.

  15. Hi Tony, worked in a general repair garage in the 1970s and I can Rember. a lot of junk that came out to increase fuel milage it was for the most part junk and a waste of time and money.

  16. I throw liquid gas on my bon fires no carburetor involved 😭🤣

  17. Why do you need to have an outside charger for an electric car? The wheels turn, why can't a charging wherler be incorporated into the wheel design. Help me understand why the frick that would not work? Never have to charge the fukin thing.

  18. I think the electric car lovers don't know where the electric comes from…same people that eat Cajun chicken salads , but hate farmers…it will never change..😭

  19. The most unmentioned fact of EV ownership is cold weather range drop, you can charge it overnight in a heated garage 300 miles to go great. Get in drive 35 miles in below freezing Temps, park at your job, 8 hours later get back in in the still freezing cold, check the range 40 miles to no charge…

  20. I have a an energy source I suggest you try out. It literally pours out of the ground sometimes when you dig a hole. Some say it comes from miraculous non-decaying dinosaur blood and we'll run out by the year 1980. Others say there is so much that it can't be quantified and seems to be renewing.

  21. Basic physics and economics are not taught in K-12 schools.
    And ignorant people are lied to by the "expert" class.

  22. I don’t understand the all or none mindset on EV technology. I’ve read about one system that truly made sense & my understanding is that it was bought up for being shelved. That being an electric motor that bolts onto a conventional engines belt drive accessory area. Then the electric motor has a cogged belt drive that runs directly to the crack. From there the electric motor has a trigger system that instantly engaged it for powering the compression strokes of the engine cycle. I can’t think of the exact numbers & don’t wanna just pull numbers outta the air. But I know the efficiency & power gains where astronomical.

  23. Wouldn't negative valve overlap mean that the valve timing doesn't overlap? I think we need a new terminology here. Valve pause? How many degrees of valve pause does you engine have?

  24. Is uncle Tony saying that the Chinese will do things Americans can't? American corporations will dig up that yard, and lay cables so that they can charge people for making their cars go. That is not going to happen tomorrow, but within the next 10 years. Once the power to weight ratio is even, the ICE will go the way of the CRT in televisions.

  25. Test out the uncle Tony in a can

  26. Electricity could make sense, if we stopped wasting money, time and space on wind/solar and just built more nuclear plants. They are a cheaper, cleaner, safer and more constant source of energy.

    Then that zero emissions source of energy could be used to make hydrogen, which could be used to power vehicles that can fill up in minutes and produce zero emissions. Either through hydrogen cells to drive electric motors or burn in piston engines. It's the real way that electric trucks will ever become a way to transport goods that regular people can afford.

    Either way until we stop closing down our nuclear plants in favor of part time energy that takes up way too much room and resources, and usually fails resulting in more coal and gas being burned, gas and diesel will ultimately rule, until the poors like me just have to walk because I can't afford even the cheapest electric car that would fit my needs.

  27. I'm with you on all this BS there's no miracle here but would piping the vapor into an EGR system do any better? Thus heating it. I'm only a drunk whom didn't even get his grade eleven but would that increase highway mileage .
    Nah probably not

  28. GM in the 70's made a steam engine that used R12 instead of water , they called it a Rankin engine. I got a book on the experiments using glass intake manifolds to figure out fuel distribution problems. People don't realize that most new tech on engines can be found on World War 2 airplanes.
    Eh, If all these people argue about vapor and whatever, its simple, tell them to prove it…themselves. Put the work in and prove ur case people.

  29. Tony, your a menace to the EV and a like people, because your using Logic & Reason. Logic & Reason & are the first things gleefully throw out the window.

    Tony I can see where this is going, and I want to be the first to say it: Your just a racist, not believing that by adding Dinosaur Urine (a.k.a., H-2-O, a.k.a Water) to gasoline will make a car run an extra XXX amount. Don't forget these are the same people that will use the word Fossil-Fuel. Fossil = Dead animal. So, just what MAGIC was in the DNA of any creature that enable's "Their Remains" to change into oil?????? Why aren't we drilling oil well's at the grave yard's????? And last but not least, where are the "SIGN'S." What sign's you ask???? The one that told the Dinosaur's where to go to DROP-DEAD, so they could be found many, many, many; moon's into the future? I could go on, but Tony, theirs no reasoning with that S-P-E-C-I-A-L group of people.

    So ladies & gentlemen, boy's & girl's, the next time you crack open a bottle of water, know that their is no new water on the planet Earth. How old is that water in the bottle? I'd say as old as the planet Earth, thus it's nothing more than Dinosaur Urine (I prefer the word piss.) Enjoy.

  30. Still crazy, and still bringing it after all these years. Uncle Tony. Aunt Kathy.

  31. Hey Tony, I agree with you on this, however. When it comes to miracle fuels my father in law did it right. Not an EV, more of a fuel vapor thing. He took coal, ordinary coal, ground it down to a powder and superheated it,releasing coal gas. The Germans used wood gas in a similar fashion during WWII. The coal gas then powered a Motorhome from Phoenix to up state New York and back on under 50 lbs of coal. When he and his investors went to take it to market, one by one his partners left the project under duress, but they wouldn’t say who had threatened them. Soon he found himself holding all 100,000 shares of stock, which was valued at fifty cents the day it opened trade. It became worthless overnight. Somewhere my wife has the stock certificate stashed. Don was no slouch, having installed and made functional, surface contact RADAR after the British sent over the magnetron. After the War he worked for a subcontractor for RCA where he and his partner invented the Operational Amplifier. The Op Amp, as it is known to the electronics world was shelved, but before they did it was written up in a scientific journal as RCA saw no use for something that far advanced. A few years later, Texas Instruments took the basic Circuit, modified it just enough to create their own patent and used it to make calculators. It was all over from there. Every bit of any logic device relies on the Op Amp, from Calculators to computers to ant smart device you can think of. Anyway, coal gas was a winner that was kept off the market.
    As far as EV’s are concerned, they will run cleaner than gas powered vehicles. Distribution of power is a huge problem, like you said Tony. Places like Scottsdale might make it work in some areas, but getting it everywhere would be impossible. Just like the high speed internet even though we’ve already paid for fiber optic cable to be routed all around the US. It’s there, but they want to charge us again to get it to your house and again to use it, after it’s already been paid for. Owens Corning’s stock tripled the day it was finished! So distribution of power for charging EV’s would be impossible. But here’s the big question, where is the power going to come from? How will we generate enough power to supply power to the charging stations? And who will pay for it? That much power might be generated by solar power, but manufacturing solar cells pollutes the air. All other methods of power generation pollute the atmosphere except Nuclear power unless… or is tat until! We still have to deal with the waste from that source as well, even though there are ways to generate power in reactors that tend to shut themselves down instead of creating a melt down. (My lord why did those idiots put a regular Nuclear power plant at Fukushima where sauna is are common place occurrences?) And there are reactors the could use what we now consider waste! Anyway Tony, you make some very good points, and I have no idea what negative overlap is. Do we have to weld the valves closed in our cylinder heads to achieve it? Time for a beer!

  32. I just told a Tesla fanboy that charging a home overnight is unrealistic for possibly 40% (if not more) of current car owners.
    He responded with something he read off of a brochure on charging stats.
    I then reminded him that apartments, row homes, & crowded city living actually exists & people don't only live in single family homes. I don't think he knew that previously. They are the definition of disconnected.

  33. Yeah … They are planning on killing off the vast majority of us.

  34. Uncle Tony, haven’t you realized that there is no need to get excited over the future? Why does it matter?
    Was you house built before the need of a 200 amp or more electrical panel? That’s no problem with the cost of copper wire and labor. Jeez, what are you thinking? You didn’t need any help to get that house to support air conditioning, or an added outside building that has a welder in it. Now you need the car! Ten thousand dollars ain’t nothing, especially if you have also added the backup generator and switchgear system too for power grid outages. Come on, what are ya thinkin?
    Don’t worry about the 60 year old power grid in your neighborhood, it will support it just fine from the folks that are back feeding the system with their older solar panels too. They’re getting that new car too!
    Hmmmmmm, what was the new toy idea from Hot Wheels that you didn’t plug into a wall outlet, hmmmmm, a Sizzler? Thank you Steve Mags for the reminder…..and the Sizzler didn’t burn the house down, or for Hot Wheels either.
    I’m not opinionated by no means, just ask me.

  35. Just wait until the lithium contamination is everywhere.

  36. Remember … The most efficient current I C E are … Direct Injected

  37. Make a hydrogen fuel cell assisted 4 stroke. You can have all the energy and drinking water you could ever need from the Ocean and expensive boats are already doing this. Running out of gas or electricity on a highway is bad but a simple 2-5 gallon can of gas can only help one type of car.

  38. If only you had a cigarette I could have taken you more seriously 🙂

  39. I rode in a vehicle that had a fuel source that was good for 30 years or more. It created steam that spun a turbine generator which made am almost limitless amount of electricity. Although it is difficult to get a fast attack submarine around a Taco Bell drive-thru.

  40. Detroit Diesel truck engines has had an added turbine small engine to help burn off waste fuel from after the turbocharged truck Diesel engine in some applications. Now they still added the DEF or previous DPF systems to clean that up. I have thoughts about all of the above.
    Detroit Diesel had already cleaned up emissions a ton when they developed the Series 60 in its original form. They other two engine manufacturers had also done a lot of work in that direction under the thump of the EPA and some foresight.

  41. Calm down uncle Tony, don't want you to have a stroke. The reason I have always liked racing is the bullshirt stops when the green flag drops. Of course as Smokey Yunick would say " there more than one way to skin a cat "….

  42. I believe it was in the 1960’s a man from Sarasota, Florida invented a Freon powered vehicle. It was a closed circuit that forced high pressure Freon through a turbine. I believe it could spin its wheels at 50 mph because of the high torque. I think it was in a Datsun 510 wagon that was modified. The cooling evaporator coil was placed in the roof. It required a small flame to heat the Freon which could be made by any liquid that would burn. I believe Nissan bought the rights to it. I am only going by memory. It made a big impression on me which I have never forgot.

  43. Everybody knows you SHOULDN'T READ THE COMMENTS! This is one of the best videos you have ever made. I was laughing a good bit of the video. Thanks Uncle Tony!

  44. When you showed the apartment parking lot you showed the target of the climate change tax collector.

  45. Why not just run hydrogen in old cars… Free fuel just add water

  46. lol, why does a smart man like tony listen to these internet engineers, there is only so much energy in one molecule of hydrocarbons,, i wonder if HYDROCARBONS are liquid ? 🙃

  47. Your engine did not start on liquid gasoline. It has no oxidizer. It fired off from the gasoline vapors that evaporated off inside the intake, allowing it to mix with an oxidizer- our 21% oxygen atmosphere.
    But I’m with you on the EV nutcases.
    Remember the prototype electric Prius before they figured out the proper way to “throttle” it back? Ran 0-60 in four seconds. That’s what electric motors with near-instant power do for you.

  48. Go for it Uncle Tony, the anti vaxers of the car World..Ha ha. I saw an 18' wooden boat, beautifully built, an open cockpit river cruiser in the 20's tradition, with a steam engine the retired owner built himself. It was LPG powered, incredibly small, and wonderfully efficient. He ignited the gas, checked the pressure, turned a valve to the open position, and off she went, silent and very swift. He came back to the wharf to show me reverse. he opened the valve, and with his hand on the flywheel, turned the engine backward, perfect. It was the most efficient and compact engine I've ever seen.I love steam power, though I dought if it will ever be reinvented. Great show by the way. My Dad was a mad Chrysler man for his entire life. Type into images or, and, youtube, 1960 Australian Chrysler Royal. That's what he bought new, a 220 HP 313 poly auto, the fastest sedan registered in Oz in 1960. He'd have loved your shows. Keep it mate, I love ya.

  49. The ev is a dem marxist pipe dream !

  50. These are the same people that care so much about saving the environment but yet have a city full of biological waste from all the homeless encampments.

  51. You can't store steam energy. You could only generate steam with the gas engine running, so why bother.

  52. Why can't power to battery be generated by travel ending need for recharge?

  53. The govt will shut down what they cannot profit from

  54. Lol! Sorry Tony but liquid gas does not burn. The vapors coming off of it do. You should watch that old Mythbusters. I am with ya. Belive in science, but science says liquid gasoline doesn't burn.

  55. its amusing to watch people assume that since the infrastructure for electric cars isn't the same as for gasoline, the entire premise is flawed–the infrastructure for gasoline once didn't exist. Roads were designed for horse carriages. but then the free market stepped in, gas stations appeared everywhere (they used to be in fact more on every street corner than there are now, servicing 10 mpg family cars. then gov't interference required better gas mileage, and despite all the "sky is falling sky is falling!" the tech worked, we have fewer gas stations, and 707 hp Hemis that don't eat spark plugs), and the gov't funded a highway system.

    how would the apartment complex UT showed us, handle charging stations? Simple, the apartment complex that wants to upscale the rent, simply installs them and charges the renters for electrcity (oh, did any of us think we'd get free electricity after paying for gas all these years?). Our real problem is "chicken or egg"–no one wants to invest in the infrastructure until there's a demand, and there's little demand until there's an infrastructure–so what has to come first? Electric cars are no different than any electrical device in your pocket–no one could figure out phones or the internet until they….did.

    As for charging schedules, we the consumer will learn the same way we learned to charge up our cellphones or exist without a payphone for a backup. And the VA snowstorm thing, what really screwed the pooch on that one was what happened up in New England in the 1970's–folks simply abandoned their cars. Hard to get help in when there's cars to shove out of the way. I'm not sure a bunch of electric cars idling and running the heat are going to do much worse than gas cars that folks were shutting off often to conserve gas, but i'm also a guy who carries spare parts in the trunk and still uses paper maps since GPS gets it wrong. I wonder how many SUV and cross over owners stuck on that I 95 didn't decide to just head for the break down lane or center divide to GTFO because they might scar a rim? 🙂

  56. @0:52 – "If you choose to own an operate an EV…more power to you!" I see what you did there, Tony…

  57. The EV people are filled with Hopium, unicorn farts and lack common sense. They don't want to face reality

  58. In the horse and buggy days you would heat up a brick or two on the wood stove and put those underneath your lap blanket, and then hope you're ride to town was an hour or less before you froze your ass off.

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