1. the camera car also sounds like a Sup, but the hood wasn't as curvy… maybe a 2JZ swap?

  2. konji si wa, sigi ke bn trabou nn!!!!

  3. Kompletu!! Pabien k'e E.T nobo…!!! aaahhhh, wa e kacho den Brievengat purba pishi riba e tire..!!!

  4. thanks, is it an MK4? is it complete? will it be able to do similar time as the current Cosa Nostra Sup? thanks for your time 🙂

  5. most likely the older GT model supra 🙂

  6. there is not GT model Supra bro, unless you mean the older Supra which was more of a Grand Tourer. the people at CosaNostraRacing already clarified that it was also a Supra, just a kinda funny looking body-kit on it.

  7. there is a supra 2L GT. sir. in australia we get it. dont know about where your from they have a straight front. an i didnt see the link to the side or any other comments to show it was

  8. yes the 2.5 GT was a model of the MK3 Supra sold in the Japanese, Australian, and some parts of the Euro market. look at the uploader comments, i was mistaken and he corrected me. end of story, there aren't any Supra 2.5GT's in the USDM market.

  9. umm yes? i know where there sold an that they are mk3's 😐 unlucky for the USDM market then.

  10. what is your point bro? the uploader corrected me, i thought the cam car was something else with a 2JZ swap, he clarified it was actually another MKIV, end of story bro.

  11. E auto ei ta bon mes! Pero e ta perde hopi tempu pasando speed. E por bai hopi mas duru mi ta kere

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