1. you live in mustang dont you?

  2. Hey man love the murder nova and big chief! just wondering since murder nova uses big ass turbo runnin 8's and big chief uses a big ass shot of nitrous runnin 10's. Are you guys workin on any other GM cars possibly with a big ass centrifugal supercharger to run 11's or maybe a big ass twin roots supercharger to run 9's?

  3. How so i simply asked if their workin on any other GM cars? And if so are they runnin a centrifugal super charger or maybe one with a twin roots supercharger? Hows my logic skewed in askin that?

  4. um no its based on the amount of psi that those adders put out turbo push anywhere from 5-30psi twin root run from 4-14psi and centrifugal run 4-8psi and from watchin as much drag racing local and videos i can infer the times that peolpe will run with the engine mods, trans mods, diff mods and adders whether they be fuel(nitro meth, alcohol, NOS) or air (turbo, twinroots, centrifugal, procharger) or none at all speed is not how much gas is fed but how much air is forced into the perfect mixture

  5. Given the older cars that they like not a variety of cars with different engines rangin from 2.0 to 9.4 liter engines they would general use a chev 350 or chev big block. you can get about 450 out of a NA 350 after that you need some kind of adder. I bet the big chief Le Mans is runnin a pontiac 350 and huge shot of nitrous. And the murder nova i woud say for its speed a 427 and its huge turbo. Older cars not new ones they only had about 4 engine sizes back in the day worth building and racin.

  6. Im talkin about the old v8 engines not new stuff and those psi are about what most engines can take with forged internals or is the workin limit of the adder itself for the variety that workin with older cars. And diesel has nothing to do with this yea they run 150psi on the weighted trailer drags i dont care about diesel! A centrifugal not a procharger tops at 8psi a procharger unit can go higher. And if you know an older v8 that can handle over 30 psi and last thats a golden racer right there!

  7. And if a single engine on 6 psi is just as fast as the same on 15lbs the setup is wrong the only way a 6psi is as fast 15psi is there different sizes like a 3.6 at 6psi vs a 2.0 at 15psi. Effiency doesnt matter if the unit hit its psi turbo 30psi no load on the engine with delayed effect but where twin 14psi, centirugal 8psi, and pro 22 psi put a load on but instant power and psi is on older v8's. if you know units for old v8's that produce more and the engine can handle it please tell everyone!

  8. Tell me the setup there runnin cause 30psi on a older v8 is alot i know a guy who only gets 4 track days out of a 4bolt main 350 pushin 25psi he says he ruins his bearings for crank and pistons and has to redo them every 4th track day and hes runnin forged everything it spins them and then just starts eatin thru them and a big block definitely cant handle it theyll spin the bearings even easier one good romp and youll throw a rod or drop your crank ive seen it happen even with 4 bolt mains.

  9. And again i only can infer from what i can see. i dont know the guy ive never seen the car in person. ive asked about the car never gotin a reply from anyone bigrobproductions or dozerdan11 except repying that he hadnt fixed the wall rub. generally when theres a bigger inlet size its pushin more psi more air. Centrifugal is not a procharger, prochargers are better built bearings and bigger in size to push more air and lookin at the inlet for a turbo and a procharger hard to tell a difference

  10. I dont know if you could tell but the entire time i sayin a procharger is 100 times better any other centrifugal. i dont even compare them to other centrifugals any other brand peaks for older v8 at about 8spi where procharger can push almost 3times that and more efficently with older v8s. for once im agreein with you dumbass prochargers are into the future compared to other brands of centrifugals. prochargers are a charger of there own none do what a procharger can for the size and engine drag

  11. Is this around the Mustang/Yukon area?


  13. ya know you wanna be's claim to be the nations fastest street legal racers! why dont you bring ya trash talkin wanna be's to kcmo, look up larry larson!!!!!!! dont even try if you think that wanna be nova cant run over 200mph!!! larson runs 6's fastest street legal cars in the nation! muahahahahaha!!please! go back to highschool drags!!!!

  14. cool story bro. tell it again

  15. Some people know nothing about boost!

  16. Larry Larson is fast but when's the last time you seen him race on the street or even a unprepared track

  17. hummm maybe drive here ther on motor.. but he bolts the charger on at track so not really driving it like race it soo… fuck to tha ass

  18. That idle…..wooooooo

  19. i thought having open headers was illegal on a street car,i know when my brother does a burnout with his car on the street cops always come cuz its so loud

  20. The murdernova has mufflers

  21. A bad ass car like this and dude can't afford a GoPro? Lame!!

  22. Thats such a beaaassttttt

  23. he prolly could,but he would prolly rather spend the money on a new set of tires,since he needs a new set like every 2 weeks.haha.havent you seen street outlaws?

  24. I sure hope he has a filter cover over the compressor wheel intake on his front fascia. A pebble kicked up by one of the other cars in front of him would literally suck

  25. i love the tunes you guys were jammin to. what station is that on

  26. Freakin Bad Ass!!

  27. Larson may have the quickest street legal and street driven car….but that's not what these guys are claiming. They're claiming to be the fastest street race scene. Larson doesn't street race…and if he *did*, his Chevy II wouldn't be running any where near 6's on the street where "prep" is a burnout in a puddle of Pimp Juice.

  28. whats that? pop cans with the ends cut out.

  29. your ignorance is amusing….. now shut the fuck up and move on….

  30. I thought y'all were from OKC,That's Mustang,Ok. (the sticks) .

  31. Hmmm let's see…a mile and a half to the car wash…use the pressure nozzles at said car wash to cool it off to drive a mile and a half back to the garage until the next time it gets put on a trailer does NOT a street car make.

  32. Larry isn't a street racer you dumb fuck. You don't have shit in your shop so rag on others that do…………………Get a life.

  33. That's a fucking PRO MOD car, you dumb fuck. It is NOT street legal.

  34. not a pro mod its just a back half car with forced induction turn the boost down and he can cruise all day

  35. What the fuck are you talking about? If you mean Larry Larson, he races in Comp Eliminator AA/AT class.

  36. Pretty hard to refute a "Street Car" claim, after watching said car roll out for over 7:00:00, without so much as a hiccup, even after stompin' on it a couple times. I dig it. Looks like ~50+ comments so, IO2? Haha!

  37. Oh, and one more thing, fuck head. THIS VIDEO IS NOT LARSON, IT'S SHAWN YOU STUPID FUCK.

  38. I'm amused at how you mindlessly ramble about bullshit in every comment you make. Your responses make no sense whatsoever. I'm responding to a Desert? So, you just told me that I am responding to a hot, dry sandy region? And you say I'm stupid? Now you're just being a hypocrite. And when did I ever say Larry doesn't race Pro Mod? He mainly races in Comp Eliminator AA/AT, but your walnut-sized brain read that as "Larson never raced Pro Mod"? Something's wrong with you, son. Get that checked out.

  39. You two morons fuck, fight, or get the fuck outa here. Geezus lol

  40. I would call that street driven

  41. sorry but a back half car with a powerglide is not a street car it is a track car raced on the street

  42. Your an idiot. Street car is something that can be driven on street. This car is driving on the street such a f n idiot

  43. I doubt that's a street car. Why would take a chance of prosecution when you could take beast to a track and run? I get whole HP/car deal I just don't get the illegal racing part.

  44. The car is a joke and the show is even worse. I would race this joker all day if I could find him


  46. So many people that don't understand… And WAY to many haters. But I sure do like getting a good laugh at you peeps =)

  47. Can it run on pump gas?

  48. Twitter? Your such a fucking joke. Pussyboy from bumfuck Iowa probably. Why would I prepare to lose badly? The stupidest show on tv. Just because he says it's the fastest car in the world it must be true! After all it's tv? Everything on tv is real. Let's see these so called "fastest cars" on the planet come to jersey or Long Island.

  49. solid daily driver

  50. I only see one major problem… on the show it shows murder nova's turbo intakes are at the front of the car and even in front of the bumper.. how the hell do you take that into a car wash and not completely fuck the motor?

  51. I have been following you/videos for awhile now and I was at grudgefest watching you. Nice strong running nova man. If you ever come to Colorado you should get in touch with me. I would like to run one with it.

  52. Big fan of that car. Great skills man, great skills.

  53. Noone commenting here owns a street car that will even as much as keep up with this beast

  54. Saw the Nova out the other day in front of your guys place after leaving work. Nasty ass car man.

  55. Btw man you got some balls taking that thing down Morgan. Surprised that car rides okay on it.

  56. that thing is more quiet than a toyota prius!

  57. That is not the murder nova but good try.

  58. Shawn, how many funny looks do you get taking the nova just bumming around town?

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