twin turbo 4L V8 Ford Capri driving to the WSID private test day 1/10/2010, we ran a few 8.4’s, 8.5’s, 8.6’s and a 8.9 not bad for a street car. we drove to the track, changed tyres, tested and drove home. full street trim (back seats and full exhaust/mufflers)


  1. neil, everyone builds cars for different reasons, we wanted a quick street/strip car so that is what we built it for.

    rb26 runs on about 190 all day, bout 20 degrees cooler with the E85, running temp on the 1UZ is about 210

  2. A perfect video to show the public, media and police proving that just because someone owns a modified/fast car, it doesn't automatically make them a hoon. Nicely done and congrats on a sweet car!

  3. @hypronet

    thanx mate, 1000hp flywheel, 8.4@160mph best 1/4 time.

  4. @Vicyowie

    now that u come to mention it ur 100% right to be honest that didn't cross our mind when we were doing it LOL

  5. are u ever tempted to just give it a boot full ??

  6. of course then you remember tyres are expensive LOL

  7. should go find a few stockies from pick and pay less and have fun lol but then again theres cops…. :S

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