Larry Larson proves his car once again to be the fastest street car in the world by completing Hot Rod Magazin’es Drag Week 2010 AND making the first 6 second pass in Drag Week history! Not only did he make a 6 second pass, but he made that pass after driving 1200 miles on country roads, rain, and he did it 20 minutes after a 7.005 pass, hot lapping the car!


  1. Is that 1/4 mile?

  2. 4 exhausts two on the side two at the back

  3. Street car my ass. Chevy Bull Shit.

  4. OK Now do the drag without the restraining cables. And drag against a Tesla. Still awesome by any standard. I'd like to see a zero to 100 no restraining cables and a Tesla too.

  5. I'm talking stock … poopy pants


  7. Not the fastest. Go check out " 2500hp AMC Javelin! "  210mph, 6.78sec, then he drives it home.  GO AMC!!!!

  8. the fastest infiniti g35 has a new record of 6:45

  9. I'll just go ahead and say it, they got beat on the streets by street outlaws

  10. I always watch these hard core 1/4 mile cars and they always look quicker on video than the time shows…. the way this car was hauling according to my eyes I would have guessed its like a 5 second car….

  11. how much cost a car like that?

  12. does anyone know what engine this is ?

  13. 6s in 2010, 5s in 2015, what's to come in 2020?

  14. he looks like El chapo guzman

  15. Larry Larson for President!

  16. that's not the fastest drag car
    the golden gorala is

  17. fastest C6 z06 is 6.58

  18. is foxs hitting less than that

  19. Now show that to a lambo owner!

  20. i swear if i see one more hillary clinton video im gonna scream,holy shit

  21. The truck ftw.
    Hollahs from KCMO

  22. Wow, what a boss! Congrats!

  23. wish we were allowed to drive something like that on the streets here in aus

  24. NOT the fastest car in America… NOT! Lutz would blow the doors off this car. Larson went out of his way dissing Lutz (and the rest of the racers) for their supposedly NON street car and then went out and built his own??? Chicken shit, loud mouthed twit. Larson knows his S10 wouldn't survive Drag Week so he chose to be a pussy and refused to compete all the while talking down the other racers who DID COMPETE. I used to admire the skill and actions of the man but no longer. HE Puss'd out and tossed insults to the rest of the community. Piss on ya Larry!

  25. bullshit, fastes street legal is a toyota supra 3k hp, 1/4 mile in 6,15 sec at 230mph, also the 1st, the second and the third fastes 6-speed are supras, the 4th is a viper

  26. I see a lot of hate on Hondas and toyotas and such… Are there douche bags out there that make you hate them so much you hate the cars as well? I love my Honda. But I've always loved muscles cars. One day I'd like to fix up my Honda civic and make it look nice and Own my favorite muscle car The oldsmobile Rocket 88. ( even though the gas prices were said to be high and it couldn't pass the emission regulations…and the insurance costs.

  27. I'm proud to say I was there. It felt like the world stopped just to witness that. What a memorable pass and appropriate ending to DW.

  28. no part of that car is a street car.

  29. Ekanno racing supra is the fastest car in the world it ran 5.25

  30. What are you running under the hood?

  31. Nice car, hard work, pay off…. Fast Nova.. No doubt.
    Good job.

  32. And it's a freaking lenco trans

  33. Dude is a great racer

  34. Larry is a mad man!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Larry a self tought mechanic and racer

  36. I seen this car in person. It’s one violent beast.

  37. Pff that's slow, I can do 6.2 in a Prius in Pixel Car Racing

  38. I want to see Larry Larson build a car to run the Texas mile I could only admagin the speed he'd obtain Go Larry go!!!!!!!

  39. Lightning rod shifter!!!!!!

  40. Turbo V8 or supercharged? Just sounded like a Turbo

  41. that click bait tho

  42. You'll always be my favorite Larry Larson ! Excellent !

  43. 7 second in a 1/4 mile?

  44. You are not allowed to use those tires on the road so it's a bit of a wash yes? Whats the fastest car that can be on the road and what time does it run as road worthy. . . . .

  45. Driving to each track? That's fucking awesome

  46. Unreal this machine! 😮👌

  47. 9 years ago and here’s 1320 all over it. Amazing

  48. Finally a car that can out run a hr2r biki

  49. back when street cars were real steel cars, not tube chassis race cars

  50. One day I’m turning my Ford Ranger into a sleeper. Be like the Farm truck. No one will ever see it coming. One Day. Lol. Thanks for sharing. That was awesome.

  51. Fastest ? or Quickest? or BOTH?

  52. That is a badass Nova.

  53. In the world? Does the record Lutz set at 251 MPH not count? He did kick ass I'm more concerned with 1320 stretching the truth for clicks. That's a shame because they put out good videos with no reason to use clickbait,

  54. yea those are rookie numbers these days

  55. Soooo… Who's this guy on the mic talking to lol ?

  56. Awesome! 😎🤘☠️

  57. How that is street legal ahha

  58. Why is there exhaust coming out the back and the fenders?

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