1. U need Kevin from KSR TO MAINTAIN your Car. And Use a Leak Down Tester. 👍

  2. This isn't a fucking street car , you guys are tripping balls … street car 😅🤣😅🤣, I don't care what anyone says or whatever about the classes it's bullshit that this car can be classified as a streeter , ridiculous , where do the passengers sit in this "street car "? ….. but , that's just my opinion..

  3. I would have cried man this hurt alot of peoples feelings!

  4. That sucked! Glad you got out Tom.

  5. Love how he said after the pro mods, bro your car is a pro mod bud just cuz you do events with the car where you drive it on the street doesn't make it a street car nor does throughing a radiator on it……….

  6. That was hat to watch. Seeing that panick freaked me out. Everyone needs to do 10 blindfolded fire drills.

  7. Glad he's o.k. Just like the Challenger accident,, but no one was hurt.

  8. Glad you made it out sad car caught on fire any car runs 6 secs and can daily drive it car was one of a kind

  9. Seeing her like that is just too sad

  10. Why didn't you pull your FIRE thingy incase it catches on fire?

  11. Glad to see you wearing 20 layers and nitro boots.

  12. The toothsome lamp extremely return because advantage angiographically permit beneath a seemly purchase. six, afraid wish

  13. Dang brother I’m sorry that sucks so bad! So glad your alright!!!

  14. Do they have like a polyurethane oring that would be hard but still soft enough to seal???

  15. Fred did you make shure that clamp was tight I think soo

  16. Sounds like those cars need 500° temp sensors under the hoods to kill fuel pumps. Cheaper to pop sensors.

  17. Glad you're okay man. It's funny how literally a part that costs pennies can cause massive failures. Sorry for the loss, but the most important thing is that you made it out. The car can be replaced, but you can't and that's all that matters!

  18. Living up to the name. Sick.

  19. Damn. Sorry 'bout that guys. You're o.k. Tom…Live to run another day!

  20. The Racing Angels were with you that day. Best of luck in the rebuild.

  21. Glad you are OK Tom, scary run

  22. Thank you for explaning it, I am so glad it turned out that know one was physically hurt.

  23. Tom the most important thing is you walked away, it's a good thing you can't outrun your angels.

  24. Aussies have the worlds fastest street cars …4 door all steel full street driven every day cars … no body mods no drag car chassis.6 cylinder powered fords making 2500 to 3000 horsepower no less run 6 and 7 second s all day…

  25. Some days are great and some days suck, but that is Drag racing

  26. Nothing Street about that car i my book!

  27. Shout out to Detroit speed works ..keep it simple 👍

  28. Glad you got out and your safe brother. A car can be rebuilt my man.

  29. He should rename his car 5 seconds.

  30. Damn Murphy's law again the car can be fixed or a new one built your life is way more important glad u. Made it out in time God is good not to be to religious man the new car will. Be even faster and better hard to be positive but this will give y'all a chance to make this car the one that smokes the dragster was lol

  31. Really sad about the fire. Good egress under the conditions. When that Doc slows down and starts his general practice, I want to be a patient. He's to the point on symptoms. Like "shortness of breath and _hit like that".

  32. cool cucumber under fire Tom

  33. Allways a good thing to be healthy when its all over.

  34. an air hammer is a great straightening tool ! with care after each couple of strikes !

  35. It was fire or whatever man.

  36. His beard filtered the smoke joke … if Tom sucked in heat then his beard would be burnt but yes fumes are nasty go buddy

  37. Meu Deus bailey sou seu fã

  38. Glad you weren’t hurt! Thank god for all the safety equipment!

  39. Hard to see man that sucks

  40. Thanks to Finnegan's Garage for showcasing your fire and the resulting new suppression system you will use. I am glad I found your channel. what makes me even happier is seeing that all of the safety measures in place kept this from being a bigger tragedy. In the 80's and 90's while I was still immortal and invincible I started my career as an automotive machinist in a small local shop here in Portland OR. We of course built licker dicker grocery getter engines but our hearts were in racing. I love to see the safety in place now compared to then. We tragically saw more than one driver seriously injured and worse. I love drag racing but never want to see anyone hurt. I will be watching to see what you do with your "go" in the future. So far I love the content.

  41. I experienced tire shake with my 4 speed GTO. Not fun at all.

  42. Hats off to the safety team holy shit they were fast as fuck on top of it awesome glad everything turned out for the best scary but part of the game right brother I'm glad you're alive and healthy keep doing this shit awesome

  43. Gosh darn I love tbis new tech for racing. No other generation has had slow mo video like that.

  44. Finnegan sent me here. Subscribed. Plan on watching all your vids. Currently in quarantine with the rona so I have time.

  45. The doctor's comments are the awesome… lol !

  46. 1990 min. Track official takes off his mask? WTF!!!

  47. Damm! Nothing elae to say. I am glad to catch up on Your channel!

  48. Nitrous should be disallowed in drag racing…

  49. Takes balls to stay into one of those things. What a rush.

  50. I was at Gainesville when this happen. It really looked bad. Lucky to be ok.

  51. 24:02 guy is kissing Tom off and Tom is like okay buddy go get losted now

  52. New to your channel…Scary stuff for sure…Glad you're okay…Wow!

  53. That's fuckin scary, gotta be a way to exit car quicker.

  54. that few seconds it took to get out of that car felt like a lifetime!

  55. I thought the engine was going to be toast. At least thats one positive point

  56. Glad that you caught it in time Tom being that close to the safety team, I just started following you all the time now. But I wasn’t expecting you to give me a show like that so fast💨 I’ve seen you do some hits here and there but I just seen a 5.77 hit at 260 mph and I said to myself that I needed to start following you because you’ve have been so stupid fast 💨 I was amazed how you and your team were so together and fast just about ever time you go out to make a hit, I’m just glad that you got out of the car safe, because if it’s anything like our dirt racing fire is a driver’s worst fear. You can always replace the car, but you can never replace (you) the driver. Look forward to seeing you knock down some more of them stupid fast time’s again soon. Thanks for sharing your super fast life with me/us as your fan’s Tom you’ve definitely gained one from the dirt racing world.🙏🏁🇺🇸👏

  57. Tom glad you are OK. Fan of yours since "Skinny Kid Racing" and Steve Morris. can't find the video where you talked about having issues with the Haas Mill. Have they made any moves to address the issues you are having?? A friend of mine was an engineer there years back, (he's a full on genius but he left)! I'm hoping they correct what ever was the issue was.

  58. I didn't know this is why there's a sick seconds 2.0 🙁

  59. Wow that's intense….

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