brings you Larry Larson’s infamous cruise down Las Vegas Blvd following his historic 6.93/211 pass at the PSCA Street Car Super Nationals in Las Vegas on November 21, 2009. To get ready to drive the car on the street, all we did was add air to the tires, pack the chutes, fill it with pump gas, take off the stickers on the windows, and hit the key. This Lenco equpped beast really is a street car. The pass on the video is the 6.96 run from early on Saturday. The 6.93 is also available to view at as is a full feature on the car. Enjoy.


  1. expect nothing less from one of the best chassis builders in the world.

  2. Because he is a gawd damn PIMP!!!

  3. That is so pimp. Big props go out to that.

  4. Awesome ride I love it.


  6. hope i can do that with my car one day! hats off to you larry!

  7. Just watching that vid we have alot too learn here in Australia. 6.97sec passes and on the street. YEA HAR.

  8. a seperate shifter for each gear? Cool!

  9. A separate shifter for each gear? Cool! Didn't know they did it like that. What is the reason? so they don't miss shifts?

  10. And it has steel bumpers as well? Very nice, that car goes straight and hooks hard.

  11. My papa's PORSCHE TWIN TURBO 911 is faster. This one is quick though

  12. @khunopie You really think so?? 😛

  13. I freaking LOVE how the original speedometer is still in the dash!

  14. You're allowed to drive on the road in the states on slicks or do you swap out the tyres?

  15. Don't like the music interfering with the engine! Sick!!

  16. @b0nes2 I'm not sure the original reason for it but it's called a Lenco and it's a fairly old design. They have these air activated with push buttons now.

  17. The thing that impressed me the most is he doesn't even have to drive with two hands. So undramatic. That must me one helluva 4 link setup. Props man.

  18. THE Poop…. Fun stuff… (Sherry is the secret behind the tuning )

  19. @NobbyBinks et streets… they have tread

  20. WHAT A MACHINE !!!!!

  21. Imagine the incredible amount of restraint it must take to not fucking rocket down the interstate in that thing.

  22. I like how the front wheels werent even turning in that first burnout lmao.

  23. @Schalk3
    who cares

  24. do you use the clutch when driving on the street??? cant quite tell

  25. @Creepyhermit1
    Lenco-type transmission, you only need the clutch when pulling away from a dead stop.

  26. @Schalk3 8.5 gallons.. and he said he wants to tune it so that it hits 10.

  27. @Schalk3 8.5 miles to the gallon, though he said he's gonna tune it to get 10 miles per gallon this summer.

  28. <3 1:26

    he's like um no, actually you are not running from me…

  29. @TheCarLover183 This car would do great for the first 1/4 of the track but would top out before the half is done. It would probly do well in the half mile but anything over that hes screwed

  30. I prefer John Sheppards Talon less complicated lol

  31. American as it gets.

  32. We met up with you guys at the gas station at the west end of Fremont street while you were filming this. What a nice ride

  33. WOW! Almost pulls the keys out of the ignition @:56 by G-force alone.

  34. fuck beamers ,benz, rover, lambos, and anything else exotic (except the bugatti) lol who needs all that shit when u have a 6 secon peace of mind lol

  35. is this road legal ?

  36. Not as fast as Bret Rau's GSX

  37. @MrTylerdurden55 your talkin about a full out drag car this is an actual street car that he drives to and from the track

  38. @DISTURBD381638 I thought this was a full out drag car

  39. its nice to a car like that cruise down the street

  40. @madogsmike It's a lenco

  41. i used to own a documented yenko nova but it wasnt anything like this !!

  42. it even has a radio!

  43. this was the car that was supposed to be in sammy hagar's i can't drive 55 video. but larry was too busy breaking records.

  44. My god this car is pure sex

  45. I have that same cd reciever/deck in my car @ 3:02 lol

  46. look at the key at 0:45

  47. It was all down hill

  48. is he really that slow

  49. Do you people know its all down hill

  50. "Don't mind me folks. Just cruising around town in my 6 second Nova…"

  51. I just cant get over how well behaved the car is on the street….and im equally shocked how easy he makes it look to drive with a lenco on the street..hats off to Larry…respect!!!!!

  52. What kind of shifter/trans setup is that?

  53. Larry has an Alpine CD player

  54. this is proof of what power adders can do for you, it is only there for when you need it,9 seconds is one g gravity,6 seconds, no wonder the key in the ignition floats

  55. Purrs like a kitten!

  56. anyone explain that transmission to me?

  57. All I could think was that those people on the street had no idea that they were looking at what was literally the fastest car on the road.

  58. Can it beat murder nova though

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