1. If I saw that on the street I would be sure to go the other way.lol

  2. Depends on where you live…the car I work on has chute and wheelie bars and runs 7.62 record time and we've never had a problem on the street. Been out to a bunch of cruise-ins, ect.

  3. You're one of the few guys with any sense Bolum1. thanks. plus you're not blind like others…

  4. You must not live in america.

  5. I don't think your granny's doing a 1/4 mile in 6 seconds at 200+mph on a 10.5" tire, though. Detroit muscle, bitches!

  6. come on man not even a skid….

  7. awesome227…

    shut the fuck up.

  8. awesome227.
    shut the fuck up.
    obviously no one likes you. your comment has 6 thumbs down.

    like he's really going to floor it in a 2500 hp drag car on the streets. that would be stupid and dangerous. All he's doing is proving the streetability of the car. Damn…

    Just shut the fuck up..

  9. Didn't want someone didn't hit the wheelie bars… and it's not exactly street legal, so we needed someone to follow.

  10. burger and a coke please………….oh shit we dont have cupholders!

  11. I don't think that those drag radials are street legal either. XD

  12. @USGiorgi SHHHH. You can always do a massive burn out and get away in the smoke cloud.

  13. dude that car isnt street legal my family races to nfr

  14. lol the whole time i was watchin this vid im lik….GIVE IT TO ER!!! FLOG IT!!!! POP IT IN 3RD AND DROP THE HAMMER!!!

  15. boring due to lack of action…just burn it !!?
    but, nice stang !!

  16. Burger King sucks would have bin funny if he got pulledover tho

  17. only in a mustang!

  18. lmfao thats amazing

  19. aww man how pissed would you have been if somone ran a red light and t-boned u or somthing. also…i dont understand how you can resist the temptation to just floor it…or pull up to some one at a red light and rev ure engine lmao.

  20. Copy this message and spread it to 10 different videos. Then log on the Club Penguin, and press F5. After you press F5, log back on and your a FREE MEMBER for 12-24 years

  21. What, Whats that,,What…, is that a burger? a burger, what, what, turn your car of everyone's food is vibrating of there table, what, just a cheeseburger. lol

  22. Next time, floor it ONCE

  23. haha…shoulda matted it when that cop was there…woulda been an epic video..lol

  24. Awesome video. Funny thing is, I used to teach at Robichaud HS right down the road and I used to love driving by your shop.

  25. its a good feeling driving around knowing everyone's interested in your car. turning alot of heads there lol. even that cop looked interested hahaha.

  26. He,d never make it ova the bastard speed bumps at my local burger king!!!

  27. first vid i liked the power windows

  28. So you drove your "not exactly street legal" beast "legally"? You didn't even get on it.. Disappointing vid, nice car tho 😛

  29. i bet soime punk in a honda try to get them to play every time that car hits the streets

  30. when you say this is a liberty transmission, what kind is that exactly? is it clutchless?

  31. hmm. something just occured to me. To make these burger runs, this car must have a real, working cooling system

  32. 1000 extra points if it actually has a cup holder! lol… Sweet Mustang!

  33. The cop sees the dual 'chutes and wheelie bars and says "Whether he's breaking the law or not, I don't stand a chance."

  34. @andrewt248 They were probably more like "not this sh*t again".

  35. I love seeing all these people talk about their "fast cars" and barely street legal 300 hp vtec's
    And then theres Dan Millen…… Taking an Outlaw Mustang to the local burger hole. mucho kudos hombre,
    Ive yet to see another vid of someone doing this too

  36. @3:25 she is looking "whats this mean sounding" 🙂

  37. @LivernoisMotorsports Here I was under the impression it -was- street legal. This makes that vid so muhc less badass for me. But aroudn her eyou could probably get away with that shit without a tow vehicle. Cops here would wanna see under the hood and have a ridealong.

  38. $100 cheeseburger after you top off the gas tank.

  39. The only thing that would have this video better would have been for some piece of crap celica with a big wing, stickers, and a fart can to get beside him with some open road ahead of him!!!

  40. Dumbest shit ever

  41. did he get everyone food or no

  42. why you smiling? you never even juiced the throttle. bad ass car but whats the point?

  43. At least he didn't stop by Mcdonalds lol

  44. Here in duluth mn. If you have the stones to even idle that down the street to the local A&dubs DPD would pull ya over just to shoot the chit with ya. Nice car and fun drive. 

  45. Drives to BK, spends three times what the meal cost just on the gas to get there and back. Lmao :p

  46. You gotta love the Motor City! If it has 4 wheels and drives down the road it's street legal!

  47. i would make that my daily driver.

  48. your lucky the cops dident pull you over

  49. …And its got great street manners!

  50. Love the 1950's video technology

  51. this is old😂 do you still have it

  52. Shoulda put it on the brake at the drive thru….jk…badass all around

  53. No camaros on the road that day. I wonder why. 😀

  54. The original street outlaw !

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