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Tom goes over the Top 5 Quickest Streetcars in the world! Who made the top 5 list?

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  1. “Fastest accelerating street legal cars in the world” would be a very appropriate title.

  2. Much respect TOM Sir. I say you are also fastest

  3. “ opinions are like assholes , everyone’s got one “ that’s sticker worthier or t shirt with Tom’s (psssshh) face 🤙🏻👍🏻👏🏻big respect to Tom became a fan just recently

  4. Very informative Tom, great content 🔥. Keep it coming 🙌🏽

  5. Wait a minute. Change over. Were you not changing lash settings on 2.0? as You did for 1.0? for street vs racing?

  6. it'd be very interesting to see the american cars pass the MOT test, like the british guy has to, to be street legal.
    he has a very different set of rules he has to pass, to become street legal.

  7. What a nice explanation Tom, thanks!

  8. Tom is the fucking man

  9. I still can't get my head around 0-250 in the 5s

  10. Tom you have one of the best engine builders in the business. Driving them on the road would be great.

  11. You ROCK brother! Hell yeah! Keeping it real!

  12. Recently found your channel, great content thanks for sharing

  13. I actually agree with this. Lol.
    Andy was moving on out at 263 with his combo. But ain't no doubt about it #SICKSECONDS #TOMBAILEYRACING
    is doing the damn thing !!
    Love the new build with the Dennis Taylor that's happening!! Gonna be SICK !!!!

  14. I wholeheartedly agree with the "everyone has an opinion" comment and of course, someone will complain no matter what is said or done as usual. You can't make everyone happy. For me, a street driveable 5-second car, with plates and insurance that gets a few miles put on it on the public roads qualifies. However, completing the virtual hell week that these track-to-track torture tests/events can be, lends a great deal of credence or credibility (read Respect there) to any claim ET or MPH. Everybody on the list should be happy to be on it, and appreciate Tom's consideration in his making of a list. Having made Drag Week multiple times and heading to Rocky Mountain Race Week this year as a spectator I'm always amazed at the effort it takes just to complete any of these events and everyone should be applauded for what is a very serious achievement. Looking forward to watching the Nomad, and Alex Taylor in her '55. You guys have a good week!!!

  15. Fastest Street car on the track…. lol. Bad ass rides.

  16. Love seeing your cars around town. Sad Milan shutting it's doors..

  17. Belgium also sucks balls. We can't even get a tune. America is where its at. I hope you guys never get green balls and keep saying f… you green tards.
    I just found out about this channel and I love it. Mister Bailey I tip my hat to you. Fast as hek and a nice guy 👌

  18. Are these 1/4 or 1/8 mile times ?

  19. My opinion, if your car isn't street legal its not a street car. So if you do or have to put it on a trailer to get to the race it's not a street car. Feel free to pick something else to say what your car is and race as you wish. But I race in the street with my car like so many others. And we never put our cars on a trailer. And we dont have to use terms like it kinda legal or it's technically a street car. We drive it to the race, race it. And drive it home. Never seen any of the cars on this list on a run to pick up milk at the grocery store

  20. Even if you can drive that pro modified car Frome track to track for a week doesn't make it a street car

  21. Is it not ironic to say that Larry Larson is full of himself with a vanity license plate when this whole video is a giant pat on your own back??

  22. what is your opinion on the tri five wagon that was on drag week i think 2 yrs ago with the top fuel motor in it

  23. Sweden have very strict rules for how much power, what can be modified etc. and streetcars needs to have yearly inspections to be legal. 'Collector', 'vintage' and custom builds have different rules but still have to pass a inspection, but usually only once and what happens after that… However the police don't mess around and nowadays you can get your vehicle inpounded and destroyed if they deem it a severe crime.

  24. Street car should mean no change over to race only tyres not change everything to race .
    Yes Tom Australia has very strict rules on our registration making the term street car exactly that but rules are mentioned to be broken

  25. Top five promod street cars.
    You guys in America are lucky to drive almost anything.
    Anyone interested in seeing some Australian street cars, check out the jun11 skyline from Sydney. True 6 second street car.

  26. I'd like to see this using every day drivers!

  27. If it doesn't have steel roof and qauarters, working lights/turn signals, and can make a 20-30 mile cruise, return and shut off, and start back on it's own power. It's not a street car. Period! Everything else is a glorified Pro-mod that gets a pass claiming to be a "street car". Just because you can "register" it in said state doesn't mean shit.

  28. Opinions are like assholes, everyone’s got one, except some people have shitty ones and need to be wiped🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️

  29. Tom lives in Michigan?

  30. Larsen was the OG in his nova, when the cars were cars

  31. Its crazy to think that when it comes to just raw top speed, the top 5 are all production models. SSC, Hennessey, Koenigsegg and Bugatti all have that nailed down. The SSC Tuatara has reached 316.11 mph. With an ET of minutes lol.

  32. Legend bloke, who is not full of himself.

  33. I bet Tom said SO million times!! Lol

  34. I'm sorry but I never thought of streetcars as cars with roll cages redesigned fiberglass bodies, custom built engines, parachutes and slicks. I can't imagine trying to drive a high horsepower monster with slicks like that in the rain.

  35. my definition of a street car is, does it have working taillights, headlights, and blinkers and if you had to could you daily drive it for a few weeks.

  36. for guys like me he means getting from point A to point B in the shortest amount of time.

  37. Haven't seen anything from "Skinny Kid" racing. Are they still competing?

  38. Five quickest pro mods competing in street car events.

    Holy crap! Nice rigs, great drivers, fun to watch, but for me, I need steel quarters and roof.

  39. Removing parts is bending the rules of a 'street car', but not when you put a license plate on a pro-mod. You Americans crack me up.

  40. You wouldn't get plates in Arizona because you have to pass emissions. Ask me how I know. It's not an opinion, it's a fact. That being said, these are all drag cars, you know it and I know it.

  41. Sick Seconds 1.0 would get a title in California. Sick Seconds 2.0 wouldn't have a chance.

  42. Tom did you just make a video declaring yourself number 1 while telling us Larson is full of himself?

    I like the breakdown none the less.

  43. These are so far removed from being a street car it’s not funny America’s rules on what can be driven on the toad is honestly ridiculous

  44. That is seriously one hell of an accomplishment, very well done sir. Love your channel! 😎👍👍👍

  45. They took Andy's car to Bahrain, juiced up the track and made everything as perfect as they could. No racing in a sanctioned contest where you only get a few shots and go when you're told. No pressure at all and they still can't take down the 5.77 record. Some idiot (I won't drop names) ran his mouth about nobody backing up their records with an identical 2nd pass anymore and was jumping for joy over a 262 mph multiple runs like it means something. I am really pissed I watched that and can't get that time of my life back! I would have loved to see 2.0 get a shot at this!

  46. When I was the announcer at the now-defunct Frank Maratta's Connecticut Dragway… we used to call them Daily Driver… The vehicle you drove Everyday… 'Nuff said!!!…

  47. Good vid. Someone on YouTube said it wasn't Steve's fault for the fire it was ypurs

  48. Dude it's promods riding on the street
    Yes it's along ways but they still promods not

  49. I was in Florida not far from Gainesville when his car caught fire. I live in NC

  50. Really enjoy the channel and cars. I have to say I love the Torino. I had a 68 with a 390 4 speed when I was 16 and my pop sold it because he was mad at me. I am searching for a 68-69 now as to me it is such a great body car!! Keep up the great videos

  51. fastest cars in the world as in USA only?

  52. Of course you took this opportunity to talk about yourself so that makes you full of yourself too.
    Narcissism is bad these days.

  53. I dont like your content get a media coach you are not cleetus but you have close to the potential.

  54. That 5.9 will not get views

  55. You Americans are full of it…how about power to weight ratio…our cars running 7s and 6s full car weight of up to 4000 pounds on radial drag tires with stock suspension…and you are quick to say australians are noticebly slower ???We have the best engine tech and computer tech guys …dandy peformance has been around for decades and knows their stuff as do many other aussie tuners and car builders …from what ive seen with the shit boxes on your roads not many people take safety seriously…yanks always like to claim their the best in the world at everything…your a legend in your own mind…

  56. I’m form Michigan

  57. Just a few years ago cars this capable and street legal didn't exist! Cars that can do the Power Tour with air-conditioning and high voltage stereo can do 200mph in the quarter!

  58. #1; If you have to change out a bunch of stuff at the track, is it still a street car ??? Hell NO !!! Tom has the right opinion 😜👍

  59. You need to race the dude from Australia that would be the purest of it endurance race yes do drag week haul trailers do that and make it pure I know you've proven this let's see if he can but I think he's your real one to go after

  60. Glad you mentioned the Vauxhall.

  61. Steel roof and quarters. On a 1/8 mile track. No prep surface Those are the quickest legit street cars fastest in the world.

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